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Working together with BIM

ED Engineering works with BIM or in other words with the Building Information Model. This working method is the right tool for the design and construction process! The Building Information Model (BIM) is the tool that best suits the latest developments in the construction industry and our interactive design attitude.

We can fulfill our role as a drawing agency better through the application of BIM. Thinking up less yourself, connecting more. Not only in design (3D), but also in process / time (4D) and costs (5D). By means of the BIM, we connect the input that is developed by the relevant specialists into a harmonious whole. This requires creativity, but also an overview of the total task. In the vision of ED Engineering, BIM is more than just 3D modeling. In our view it is not only the construction Information model, but increasingly construction information management. BIM encompasses more than design, it is synonymous with a different way of working, process and collaboration. It is the working method that helps with chain integration in construction.